Wednesday 5 February 2014

Team Build


 The students together build their single board with Stav Ha (one of the best wood board builder in europe) directly helping as needed to keep on schedule. Makes a great team-building event for groups, or even a chance to do something cool with your friends. Stav Ha like run this class with three participants at least, so get two other people together and give us a call to schedule it.

 Each team arriving on day one will start with a board that has the frames installed, and we continue with the rails and the top of the board. By the end of the day three or fourth, the board will be shaped, sanded and ready for glass.

Tuition: €300.00 per person (€900 per team)
Days: Three or four days, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, + 1day
–We can glass your board for you (prices vary)
–Fins, or other accessories (order a MINIMUM of two weeks before you arrive.)

What You Get:
 Each team of students takes home the board they build, ready for glassing and finishing on their own. Materials used in the board are the same as those used in SX wood kits – Sambawood,   also included as is use of all of the tools needed and access to the shop, showers, wireless internet, and lounge. Students are responsible for their own dinner costs as well as accommodations, although we’re happy to recommend some nice places around the area and camping is available.

What You Learn:
 The team will have Stav Ha to guide them through the easy step-by-step process to ensure that each board completed during the workshop will be a beautiful one-of-a-kind surfboard that will last a lifetime. You will learn basic surfboard design concepts, wood into shapes, adhesive applications, elements of edge tool work, sanding and shaping.

Call or email to reserve your shaping stand soon. NOTE:Full payment is required to reserve a building spot.

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